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This prestigious event is purposefully meant to bring African Kings together to promote and strengthen unity amongst us. Also, to encourage our respective Kingdoms to work together for the upliftment of our people in Africa.

The Summit is a 2-day prestigious event to be hosted by His Majesty, The King Misuzulu Sinqobile Kazwelithini in South Africa.

The 1st day will be dedicated to the Kings of Africa to discuss how to strengthen unity amongst themselves. Most importantly, to encourage their respective Kingdoms to work together for the upliftment of the people in Africa.

On the 2nd day of the Summit, the Kings will meet with investors in Africa, and beyond to develop strategies that will create a “conducive environment” to attract investments in Africa for the benefit of the people in the continent.

The Kings will work together to deepen relationships with each other in the continent. However, the Kings of Africa cannot work alone, hence investors will be an integral part of this significant event to seek radical solutions for Africa’s advancement.


Investors or an embassy of any country in South Africa will communicate with MUNAYD South Africa with the following functions:

  • Any diplomatic institution in south Africa will ensure their participation with MUNAYD in tourism project from their country, this will involve promotion of tourism activities from any country sponsoring our events.
  • Promoting educational activities in the African Region.
  • Addressing administrative constraints facing local and foreign institutions in their country.
  • Assisting in the establishment and registration of enterprise processes to all our partners who would like to start their business in their countries.
  • Facilitating in obtaining necessary documents, student permits, visas, approvals, facilities, or services for all our program from their country or to their country.
  • Assisting institution to secure investment sites and the establishment of Export Processing Zone (EPZ) projects especially in the Agricultural, Education, Health Mining, Infrastructure, Fisheries and Tourism sectors.
  • Granting Certificates of Incentives, investment guarantees and registering technology agreement for all investments which are over and above US$ 300,000 and US$100,000 for foreign and local investments, respectively.
  • Providing and disseminating up to date information on existing investment opportunities, benefits, and incentives available to investors, and Facilitating investors to have smooth working relationships with Public and Private Sector bodies such as Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Health, Education and Agriculture Confederation of Industries, National Business Council, Private Sector Foundation.
  • The recognition of private companies and protection against any non-commercial risks, most countries in SADC region are an active member of MIGA (Multilateral Investment Guarantees Agency). Also, a member of The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) so investors have unrestricted rights to international arbitration in case of dispute with government.
  • Reduced import tariff on project capital items (5% import duty for investments in priority sectors and ZERO% for investment in Lead Sectors). Favorable investment allowances and deductions i.e., capital allowance (100%) on industrial buildings, plant, and machinery and on agricultural expenditure.
  • Deferment of VAT payment on project capital goods as defined in the tariff book and its relevant annexes deferred VAT to be shown on monthly return after which it will be extinguished unless it is discovered otherwise after audit.


MUNAYD South Africa will focus on the following objectives.

  • Ensure the availability of traveling logistics during this business programs, to ensure reliable traveling costs throughout the king’s summit delegation.
  • Prepare the diplomatic protocol with both Africa diplomats and global diplomats from any embassy in Republic of South Africa during this relationship.
  • Provide reliable security in all the kings summit each year, this security will be during the summit as well as during the diplomatic protocol during consultation to all our diplomats.
  • Provision of reliable invitations to all our diplomat and other attendees.
  • Prepare sponsors of this dignified African king’s summit, this sponsor will be from any company in South Africa or any diplomatic institution in South Africa.
  • Prepare/host all the events on behalf of the African king summit and stipulation of the finance will be determined by all part together during their decision making. 
  • Prepare the digital platform to ensure that all our partners are well addressed in our digital platform, this will include the digital dialogues as well as digital presentation.
  • Ensure IT-System throughout the events to insure the reliable and satisfactory result during this event.
  • All sound system will be maintained by the host to ensure traveling and reliable platform throughout the king’s summit conference every year.
  • His Majesty, AmaZulu King’s representative Prince Andile
  • His Majesty, KS Aboubakar Nyembo
  • Mr Kasongo Mova
  • MUNAYD – Christophe Mufuba Mubi
  • Africans Do Travel PTY LTD – Fikile Hlatshwayo

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