London International Model United Nations

The committees were split into seven thematic clusters, grouping together committees with common visions, goals, and ideas. These clusters were:

● Economic – Finding Economic Prosperity in a Polarised World

● Security – Reducing Instability within International Spheres

● Inclusivity and Human Rights – Upholding the Rights of All

● Legal – Championing International Justice

● Regional – Regional Unity Within the Divided International

● Environmental – Climate Beyond Borders

● Health and Education – Education as a Catalyst for Development

● Historical – Exploring Historical Platforms of Collaboration

● Special (Crisis) – The Cabo Delgado Crisis: Protecting National Security and International Face in Mozambique


London International Model United Nations (LIMUN) 2023

Our delegates participated on LIMUN 2023, its 24th Annual Session that took place on 24-26 February 2023, where they explored the theme of “Navigating Uncharted Territory: Diplomacy for a Changing World”. As the fluctuations of the international geopolitical climate have pushed states away from multilateral cooperation, the days of international institutions and diplomacy seem to be long gone. This conference preeminent the opportunity to consider solutions to some of the most pressing issues that face our generation and how we can effectively navigate these uncharted waters of diplomacy at the same time.

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