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2023 Africa Kings Summit

A private launch of the African Kings Summit is to be held in Kwa-Zulu Natal on 15 April 2023. Our Guest of Honour is King Misuzulu Sinqobile kaZwelithini, the reigning King of the Zulu nation.

The prestigious African Kings Summit is purposefully meant to bring African Kings together to promote and strengthen unity amongst Africans. Also, to encourage their respective Kingdoms to work together for the upliftment of the people in our beloved continent. This is an event that will be first of its kind, will bring unity between African Royals and build relation with international communities as we work together to uplift African people and seek radical solutions for Africa’s advancement. During this event, many distinguished guests and international diplomats will be able to communicate with different African communities on what they can offer to Africans and what Africans can offer in return and build that relationship for a better future.


Venezuela Annual celebration


On the 2nd of February 2024, MUNAYD CEO, Christophe Mubi along with staff members, Siphilile Mbhamali and Mbali Mkhabela honoured an invitation from the Ambassador of Boliverian Republic of Venezuela, Her Excellence Mairin Josefina Moreno-Merida, to join the 25th anniversary of Boliverian Republic of Venezuela celebration which was held at the Embassy of Republic of Venezuela in South Africa. Other important figures, which included the Ambassador of Cuba, Nicaragua, Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, ANC members, SANCO members, SACP members and some university students also joined the celebration.

During this event, we were introduced to a very iconic figure in the Boliverian Republic of Venezuela who led the Boliverian revolution which shaped the country to the very prosperous state its currently in.  25 years ago, Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chávez Frías, known to the Venezuelan people as Commander Hugo Chávez, took office as Constitutional President of the then-Republic of Venezuela.

This revolution led to the political independence of the people and voting rights. Many social programs were introduced from then onwards to impower the public mostly the youth. The people got to enjoy the benefits of their rich land which is blessed with oil and rich minerals, therefore most resources are mostly free to the public which includes free education, free medical services, ect. There are challenges that are being faced by the country as sanctions are enforced on them, due to their natural minerals which has attracted other countries interest.

However, the people of Boliverian Republic of Venezuela stand firm with their belief in independence and freedom, and the current President Nicolás Maduro, who had been accompanying Chávez since the beginning of the Bolivarian Revolution, also pushes the agenda of the Boliverian Revolution to this day.


112th National Day of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

MUNAYD honoured the invitation sent to us by His Excellency Oliver Wen-Che Liao, the Representative of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Mrs. Liao, to celebrate the 112th National Day of the Republic of China (Taiwan) at Centurion Country Club on the 9th of October 2023. It was a wonderful celebration at which there were displays of their culture and food, most importantly, we got to learn about the glorious events that led to the National Day of the Republic of China. Amongst the celebration, some speakers were given an opportunity to say some few things about the Republic of China (Taiwan), and their contributions to the Southern African communities and schools.  Lastly, it was a remarkable celebration and Happy 112th National Day of the Republic of China (Taiwan).


Belgrade International Model United Nations

Mr. Yakub Beris, Mr. Žarko Petrović, Mr. Miroslav Tadić, and Ms. Zorica Korać from UNDP Serbia delivered insightful speeches on climate change, sustainable solutions, and actions that young people can take to combat the climate crisis. Additionally, Mr. Yakub the Resident Representative in Serbia, was recognized with an award for UNDP Serbia’s immense contributions to our conference over the years.


Belgrade International Model United Nations (BIMUN) 2023

On the first day of BIMUN 2023, the formal opening was followed by the Plenary Session, which marked the exciting beginning of committee work. The day ended with a National evening, filled with dancing and fun.

During the Plenary Session, delegates had the opportunity to hear an excellent speech by Mr. John Kennedy Mosoti, the Director of UNFPA Serbia, on the topic of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. The speech was very well received by the delegates, who gave him a round of applause and had a lot of interesting questions for Mr. Mosoti.


Belgrade International Model United Nations (BIMUN) 2023

Munayd Youth Development

On 15-19 March 2023, our delegates participated on BIMUN conference held at Belgrade, Serbia.

The Opening Ceremony included distinguished guest speakers, Ms. Françoise Jacob, UN resident coordinator in Serbia, and Mr. Ambassador Milan Milanović, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, held in the House of the National Assembly Serbia.

The delegates worked in 6️ BIMUN committees, includes:

•Security Council Crisis Committee
•Human Rights Council
•UN Population Fund (UNFPA)
•UN Refugees Agency (UNHCR)
•UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
•UN Development Program (UNDP)


London International Model United Nations

The committees were split into seven thematic clusters, grouping together committees with common visions, goals, and ideas. These clusters were:

● Economic – Finding Economic Prosperity in a Polarised World

● Security – Reducing Instability within International Spheres

● Inclusivity and Human Rights – Upholding the Rights of All

● Legal – Championing International Justice

● Regional – Regional Unity Within the Divided International

● Environmental – Climate Beyond Borders

● Health and Education – Education as a Catalyst for Development

● Historical – Exploring Historical Platforms of Collaboration

● Special (Crisis) – The Cabo Delgado Crisis: Protecting National Security and International Face in Mozambique


London International Model United Nations (LIMUN) 2023

Our delegates participated on LIMUN 2023, its 24th Annual Session that took place on 24-26 February 2023, where they explored the theme of “Navigating Uncharted Territory: Diplomacy for a Changing World”. As the fluctuations of the international geopolitical climate have pushed states away from multilateral cooperation, the days of international institutions and diplomacy seem to be long gone. This conference preeminent the opportunity to consider solutions to some of the most pressing issues that face our generation and how we can effectively navigate these uncharted waters of diplomacy at the same time.

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