Venezuela Annual celebration


On the 2nd of February 2024, MUNAYD CEO, Christophe Mubi along with staff members, Siphilile Mbhamali and Mbali Mkhabela honoured an invitation from the Ambassador of Boliverian Republic of Venezuela, Her Excellence Mairin Josefina Moreno-Merida, to join the 25th anniversary of Boliverian Republic of Venezuela celebration which was held at the Embassy of Republic of Venezuela in South Africa. Other important figures, which included the Ambassador of Cuba, Nicaragua, Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, ANC members, SANCO members, SACP members and some university students also joined the celebration.

During this event, we were introduced to a very iconic figure in the Boliverian Republic of Venezuela who led the Boliverian revolution which shaped the country to the very prosperous state its currently in.  25 years ago, Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chávez Frías, known to the Venezuelan people as Commander Hugo Chávez, took office as Constitutional President of the then-Republic of Venezuela.

This revolution led to the political independence of the people and voting rights. Many social programs were introduced from then onwards to impower the public mostly the youth. The people got to enjoy the benefits of their rich land which is blessed with oil and rich minerals, therefore most resources are mostly free to the public which includes free education, free medical services, ect. There are challenges that are being faced by the country as sanctions are enforced on them, due to their natural minerals which has attracted other countries interest.

However, the people of Boliverian Republic of Venezuela stand firm with their belief in independence and freedom, and the current President Nicolás Maduro, who had been accompanying Chávez since the beginning of the Bolivarian Revolution, also pushes the agenda of the Boliverian Revolution to this day.

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